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in case you ever need to get a hold of me there are a couple of places you can go

  1. my rps blog janarpshashtag [literally am on here all the damn time]
  2. my personal orange-s-a-v-e-d-me [don’t post much on here anymore, but i check it every single day]
  3. my writing blog jana-writes-sometimes [only post things here when relevant but i check it multiple times a day]
  4. my AIM and Skype are available just message me and I’ll share it with you no problem!
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Dylan & Hoechlin + mirroring

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i need to fix these damn tags, honestly i don’t know what i was thinking when i came up with them. holy shit.

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Tyler Hoechlin attends the ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ premiere

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Tyler doing an impression of Isaac (1:33)

but like imagine this is a model/reality show AU where Derek’s a well known, hot shot model okay? Derek’s part of the Hale legacy, which is why Ian is there. and Papa Stilinski and Isaac are this weeks guests idk 

but this is him loosing his cool cause the participants cant get the model walk right and he just gets up going “THIS is how you do it.”

and Stiles wonders how to hide an awkward boner for his favorite broody judge 


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you don’t get a fucking cookie for doing basic ass shit you’re suppose to do any fucking way.

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there is so much fucking hobrien right now

yet there is no hobrien fucking

i am torn

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my friend literally just told me that she doesn’t like the texture of water and I’m just like but you drink fucking kool-aid, that’s literally just water with powder in it. It’s moments like these when I think i need a better screening process for friends.

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